🇬🇧 Business growing well yet convinced you could do even better? And you’re looking for some ideas to do so? Or you identified some sales issues you want to iron out but you’re not sure what’s the best way to proceed? Contact me for a frank and direct conversation. Some testimonials below (ENG 🇬🇧) or here (FR 🇫🇷)

🇫🇷 Votre business avance bien? Convaincu que vous pouvez mieux faire et vous cherchez des idées à mettre en place? Ou vous avez identifiés des points bloquants mais vous n’êtes pas sûr de la meilleure approche à mettre en place? Contactez moi pour une conversation franche et directe. Quelques témoignages clients ci-dessous (ENG 🇬🇧) ou ici (FR 🇫🇷).

How to roll-out a powerful sales methodology and grown the sales culture?

Clément Régnier, COO and Eve Benassi, sales director, explain how thanks to Curiosity they implemented a powerful sales methodology and developed TestWe sales culture.

How to manage a sales team efficiently and improve its mindset?

Miguel De Oliveira shares how, thanks to Curiosity, he managed to implement a strong sales management strategy, grown numbers and improve the team mindset.

Sales transformation: Business growing well but could do better?

Raphaël Leclerc, CEO of Talk, explains how Curio5ity helped him to double his conversion rate, implement a hunting strategy and ensure strong buy-in from his sales teams.

Sales people too focused on their products?

Nicolas Jourdan, Actility’s Sales Director, explains how he managed to develop a new segment, move away from a product-centric approach and get sales people listen and understand better their prospects.

Sick and tired of the sales training B.S.?

Antony Derbes and Pierre Djian took part in the programme dedicated to small organisations and share the results they got by putting the methodology in motion.

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